MEMORIAL HOSPITALS GROUP  was established in February, 2000 with the mission of becoming a world-class brand in Healthcare, pioneering practices in the sector with distinguished staff and satisfaction-oriented service approach. Introducing world-class quality healthcare service to Turkey, Memorial Şişli Hospital is the first JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospital in Turkey, and 21st in the world.

Memorial represents Turkish Healthcare Sector abroad with its international diagnostic and treatment centers. Internationally known departments such as In Vitro Fertilization, Cardiovascular Surgery and Transplantation, Robotic Surgery, Oncology and Genetics make Memorial a reference center in its region. Admitting patients from over 90 countries throughout the World annualy, Memorial is a world-class hospital that bring comfort of being treated in a safe environment to more and more patients each year.

Memorial Healthcare Group (MHG) serves both domestic and international patients from over 90 countries each year, with its network of hospitals and satellite clinics in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Diyarbakır and Kayseri. MHG is a worldwide recognized brand in Organ Transplantation, Cardiovascular Surgery, Cardiology, Oncology and IVF treatments at international standards