With more than 25 years of experience in tourism industry as a leading incoming tour operator; conducting cultural, winter and summer excursions as well as customized VIP shopping tours, Idelia Travel has a well-earned reputation for its excellent services and strong collaboration with major international tourism partners. Idelia Travel provides a flawless experience for its customers through its offices in Germany, France, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland.

Acquired by FTI Group in 2015, Idelia Tourism ranked as the 2nd tour operator with 800.000 incoming tourists, generating 10 million annual accommodation and 400 million USD turnover. With offices in Antalya, Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum, Kusadasi, Head Quarters in Istanbul and more than 300 employees, Idelia Travel was listed amongst the top 500 Export Trade Companies.
Germany, France, Sweden and Austria offices were established between 2009-2015 to provide services in Cultural Tourism.

Our solid tourism background encouraged us to launch Idelia Health Services with the mission to provide you the best customized health services via top tier hospitals and clinics while making your stay an exceptional one along the way. Idelia Health Services is certified by Turkish Ministry of Health, Turkish Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Travel and Finance, TURSAB(Association of Travel Agencies), USHAŞ ( International Health Services Incorporated Company)

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  • 2016- TIM (Turkey Exporters Assembly) Turkey’s 18 th service exporter amongst biggest 500 exporters ( MP Turkey Tourism Inc.-affiliated to Idelia Travel)
  • 2016- ATS (Antalya Chamber of Commerce & Industry) Ranked as 1st agency for revenue; 208 mio USD ( MP Turkey Tourism Inc-affiliated to Idelia Travel)
  • 2015- ATS (Antalya Chamber of Commerce & Industry) Ranked as 1st agency for revenue, 298 mio USD ( MP Turkey Tourism Inc-affiliated to Idelia Travel)
  • 2013- ATS (Antalya Chamber of Commerce & Industry) Ranked as 2nd agency for revenue, 286 mio USD ( MP Turkey Tourism Inc-affiliated to Idelia Travel)


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We offer you the best health services with more than 20 hospitals and providing beyond 50 treatments!

M1 1519301188

We provide best health and aesthetics service with more than 20 hospitals and more than 50 services!



We make sure all of our partners use FDA approved equipments and products for your safety & well-being.


We guarantee you the best possible service in healthcare. All of the equipments used during the process of your treatment are the latest available technology.


Our partner health institutions have JCI European accreditation. Meaning you are treated by qualified practitioners recognised by every health organisation around the globe.


Our dedicated staff are professionals with powerful technical skills, recognition in their field & experienced to bring you the best treatment suiting your needs.