Dental Implant

Implant treatment, which is a method frequently used by dentists in the completion of missing teeth, is also popular in Turkey. The implant, made with a practical method, is the toothed opponent of the bridge method, since neighbor teeth are not touched.

Implant, which is the most preferred practice of physicians in recent years, is a very practical procedure. In fact, the implant, which is a metal screw that is placed in the jaw bone to support the prosthesis to be applied in tooth deficiencies and plays the role of artificial root, can now be made much faster.

Implant Treatment
Smile Design in Turkey

Smile Design

The general face shape of the person at the moment of smile is a recording and design that we make for the person to achieve the ideal appearance in the relationship and proportions of the lips, cheeks, teeth and gums. Our aim in this design is; To determine the situation that distorts the aesthetic image and to create a beautiful and aesthetic smile we want with various aesthetic dentistry practices in line with the expectations of the person.

For a beautiful / aesthetic smile, you must first have gums and teeth that match your face shape, lip structure and shape. Here is the smile design, to combine naturalness and function with your personal features and wishes, to create the ideal smile that best suits your face.

Clear Aligner

This system, which was produced with the first transparent plates, was applied under the name Invisalign and later, with the popularity of this treatment method, they created similar systems with other names in other companies such as orthoclear, clear aligners, aligners. After all, although their prices and presentations are different, their methods are almost the same.

The patient applies to the orthodontic specialist. The physician evaluates whether the patient is suitable for this treatment. If necessary, it can consult with the company by taking measurements or 3D dental images. The important thing here is that the physician is experienced in this field.

  • If you are eligible for invisalign, your doctor will give you information about the duration of treatment and how many plaques you will have. And your 3D image or measurements are taken. Then your plaques are made and come. Although the number of these plates varies depending on the case, it can be up to 30 plates.
  • Patients usually wear it for 2 weeks. Plaques are changed every 2 weeks.
  • Orthodontist can sometimes make slight abrasions between teeth, which we call stripping.
  • When the treatment is over, the patient can use the plates for a certain time or lingual retainers to reinforce at night according to the case.
Clear Aligner
Oral and Dental Care in Turkey

Dental and Oral Care

Aesthetic Dentistry; It carries out the treatment of dental caries, worn teeth, colored teeth (whitening), sensitive teeth, intermittent teeth, broken teeth, teeth with impaired shape, texture and form, mild distortions.

  • Aesthetic Fillings
  • Porcelain Coating
  • Porcelain Bridge
  • Porcelain Filling
  • Zirconium Crowns
  • Empress Coating
  • Lamina Porcelain

Orthodontics; In its most general definition, the branch of dentistry, which deals with the removal of upper and lower jaws and dental entanglements, is called orthodontics. Topics like orthodontics, from simple to more complicated tooth dislocations due to space shortage, growth and development deficiencies, congenital anomalies, impaired relations between teeth and jaws, subsequent tooth sequence disorders and correction of all other general tooth-jaw anomalies.

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