Breast aesthetic surgeries are performed in order to improve the various asymmetrical conditions and appearances in the breast in order to give the person a better quality appearance unless there is a significant health problem. Those who decide on these surgeries communicate with our doctors and exchange views to get a better appearance. After these interviews, the best treatment is decided for them and the doors of quality life are opened.


Breast lift surgeries are performed as a result of asymmetry in the breasts, shrinking breast volume and involution, deterioration of aesthetic appearance such as sagging. In some people, the reduction of breast tissue as a result of weight gain and loss may have the same result. It is decided which technique is most suitable for the patient by evaluating the degree of sagging of the chest, tissue elasticity and volume loss after the examination. Breast prosthetic surgeries. After deciding whether the patient is suitable, the process begins. The silicone prostheses to be used are produced from substances that can be integrated with the body and do not damage breast tissue and the body. There are two types known as drop prosthesis and round prosthesis, which have the same techniques and contents as matter. The only difference between them is the image and the patient’s posture.

In breast lift surgeries, it is aimed to regain the old form and uprightness of the breast, to reshape it, to make it a conical structure.
If the dark area (areola) around the nipple is wide, this can be narrowed with surgery and corrected in the brown part. Sagging in the udder is classified in several ways.

If the sagging is at or near the under-breast line (mild) sagging is called. In this case, only a tissue is removed from the vicinity of the areola (coffee- colorful part) and erection is carried out. The nipple is 1-3 cm below the under-breast (medium) sagging is available. In this case, more skin will be removed, a full breast lift surgery will be performed, there will be an incision around areola as well as a steep mark that goes under the chest. Sometimes this trace can also be planned in the form of a “little t”.

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If the nipple is less than 3 cm below the under-breast line, sagging, i.e. advanced chest sagging. In this case, mastopeexy is applied, which remains in the form of reverse-T. In this operation, another horizontal mark will remain under the breast. However, the advantage of this method is that the breast can take a full cone and round the vertical short scar method, a slight potation may remain in the lower part of the breast. This pot or excess skin gradually decreases within 1 year.

Incisions to be made can be in the form of an upright incision or an inverted letter T around the nipple, perpendicular to the nipple, according to the degree of deformation. Breast lift surgeries are performed under general anesthesia and the operation takes an average of 3 hours. The patient is usually discharged on the same day after surgery or the day after the surgery.
Stitches are taken around 10-12 days. Patients; They can return to their daily activities and social lives after a few days by wearing an elastic bra in the form of a sports bra recommended by their doctor.

As a result of the incisions made in breast surgeries, scars will be formed. These traces become distinctive, red and red in the first months, over time their color will turn whiter and less visible. After an average of 1-2 years, it will become vague. Again, since these marks are left in the bra and bikini, they will not disturb the patient since they are not visible from the outside. It take 3-4 months for the chest to gets its ideal shape.


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Operation Duration

1-3 Hours

Number of Operations



5-7 days

Full Recovery

1-3 Weeks

Return to Work

1 Week


*1 Night Stay




Since the breast is lifted together with the tissue, sagging does not occur again, but some sagging may occur again if the breastfeeding period is experienced in the future.

You can return to all the activities you do in your normal life about a month after the breast lift surgery.

If the patient has a loss of breast tissue and has a hollow breast structure, prosthesis can be applied together with the examination.