Tummy tuck surgery is one of the most effective methods of abdominal and belly aesthetic surgery. After pregnancy, the muscles and skin in the abdomen cannot literally return to its former form. As a result, deformations occur in the abdomen and the sagging belly part looks aesthetically bad. After pregnancy, an unwanted image occurs with the relaxation of the connective tissue in the abdominal wall, the abdominal wall becomes dislocated forward, the appearance of bloating in the abdomen, the formation of abundance and cracks.

It is often not possible to destroy this resulting image and restore the abdomen to its former appearance by self-applying methods such as sports and diet. In the tummy tuck surgery, which solves this problem with a single operation, the loosened abdominal skin is recovered and excess fat concentrated in this area is removed and the person is obtained from a short path to a flat abdomen. Later the surgery, the medications given by the physician should be used, avoid sudden movements and the dressings should be renewed regularly.


  • Our specialists decide on surgery as a result of detailed examination and radiological images examined.
  • The operation lasts 3-3.5 hours under general anesthesia.
  • The saggy and cracked skin in the part from the cesarean section to the belly button area is removed from a line to be drawn sideways and the skin above the belly button is stretched downwards.
  • The belly button is also reconscreated in order to be positioned in the appropriate position.
  • In addition to sagging and looseness, excess fat in the abdomen is taken by a method called liposuction if there is a problem of excessive fat.
  • Thanks to the collector seams placed on the abdominal wall membranes, the loose abdominal muscles are tightened and restored to their former stiffness.
  • Incisions at the end of the surgery are stitched with aesthetic stitches, preventing the formation of unpleasant scars.
    Usually after 1-2 days of hospital care, patients are discharged.


  • After tummy tuck surgery, patients are usually advised to wear a special corset.
  • This corset, which is worn continuously for 1 month, increases the success of surgery by helping the abdomen reach the desired form.
  • If it is the day, you can walk slowly without help.2-3 days after the operation, you can take a bath and have the comfort to do your daily tasks on your own.
  • Attention should be paid to the seams during the first 1 week.
  • Tummy tuck operation is not an operation that affects pregnancy or can cause any problems during pregnancy.


Starting From
  • 4-5 Nights 4* Hotel DBL BB
  • Airport – Hotel – Hospital VIP Transfers
  • Post-operation Medicines, Bandages
  • Personal Assistance



Operation Duration

1-5 Hours

Number of Operations


1-5 Days

Full Recovery

3-4 Week

Back to work

3-7 Days


*1 Night Stay




Since the operation area is close to the genital area, it is beneficial to avoid traumas related to that area. It is important to do sexual abstinence for 1 month in order not to increase the edema of the area, problems related to pain, wound healing problems and any separation related to the repaired abdominal muscles.

no. It does not face any scarring after the operation.


As with all surgery, smoking, blood thinners, aspirin, etc. It is beneficial to leave things, herbal products, vitamin supplements about 1 week before. Birth control pills should be discontinued approximately 20 days before. If the patient establishes his life order on diet and exercise after the surgery, it will be beneficial for the patient to reveal the result of the surgery much better.